Immunotherapy represents the new frontier of cancer treatment and includes cancer vaccines, engineered T-cell therapies and T-Cell-stimulating antibodies. In essence, immunotherapies harness the defences of our bodies to combat cancer.
In recent years, many biopharmaceutical companies have stepped forward into the immuno-oncology development arena. One of the most promising treatments to emerge is Merck’s Keytruda which resulted in significant survival benefits for patients. However, the design and implementation of immunotherapy trials present analytical as well as logistical challenges demanding specialist knowledge.


The Veramed team has supported extensive programmes of work in immuno-oncology for both haematological and solid tumours. Our team has worked on multiple first in class immunotherapy agents and has provided a range of vital statistical analysis and reporting activities for new immunooncology therapy developments

Our work

Our work encompasses all phases of development for these novel therapies, though we have developed particularly deep experience in Phase 1 and 2 trials.

While early phase immuno-oncology trials have small numbers of patients, they pose complexities that rely on the expert input of statisticians. Our solutions in immuno-oncology span:

  • Trial designs
  • Quantitative decision-making
  • Simulations
  • Statistical analysis and reporting
  • Interim analyses
  • Data Monitoring Committees

Find out more about how Veramed enables success in immuno-oncology for sponsors, and learn about particular expertise in this therapeutic area by downloading the white paper ‘Advancing Immuno-Oncology Therapies with Expert Statistical Input’.