Getting the right evidence, at the right time, in the right format to make the right decisions.

We take the pain out of outsourcing and work closely with you to get your non-clinical studies up and running. Our Statisticians have a wealth of experience in using real-world data to answer practical questions and to fill evidence gaps in regulatory submissions and beyond.

Getting the right evidence for your product

An evolving world of patient data means there are now large, rich, and even opportunistic sources from which it is possible to gain actionable insight. However, the science underpinning this research can be complex and must be explained and contextualized to different stakeholders. This is where we can help.

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What we can provide

Whether you require full-service support through an integrated stats team, or short-term flexible consultancy, our team of experts can help you find the right evidence, format it accordingly, and communicate it effectively.

We provide Statistical and Programming services to support strategic objectives in:

Real-World Evidence

We design and execute high-quality prospective and retrospective studies to complement clinical trials with real-world evidence.

Examples include:

  • Augment trials in rare diseases or rare subtypes by comparing treated individuals to synthetic controls.
  • Investigate long-term effects with post-authorization safety effectiveness studies (PASS/PAES).
  • Explore other pharmacoepidemiological phenomena regarding a drug’s use or value.
  • Emulate a target trial (TTE).
  • Validate PROs/COAs against other outcomes gathered during a trial.
  • Extrapolate unexplored treatment effects in real-world data using known trial treatment effects.

Evidence synthesis

We design and execute studies that support Market Access and Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). Our statistical models make direct and indirect treatment comparisons using techniques such as matching-adjusted indirect comparisons (MAIC), propensity score matching, inverse probability of treatment weighting (IPTW), and network meta-analysis (NMA).

We synthesize evidence to support regulatory submissions such as HTA dossiers and explain key messages in payer-facing interactions like the German GBA hearing.

Evidence dissemination

Data Visualizations:

Our data mining services maximize and realize value from existing data sources. High-quality visualizations enhance a viewer’s understanding of the data and target communications to patients, physicians, and payers. Instead of screening through hundreds of static tables, explore your data easily and arrive at key insights via interactive visual tools.

Medical Affairs:

We partner with Medical Affairs teams to support each phase of a product’s lifecycle strategically and scientifically. This can include establishing product positioning and differentiation or even exploring new indications, medical guidelines, or algorithms. We can then support the communication of these insights with publication plans and writing to enable physicians and patients to make educated decisions about current treatment options.

Publication Planning and Writing:

Based on the strategic pillars of your compound, we develop and execute publication plans with you, customized to your processes. We not only help you to write the publications, we also suggest additional publication ideas to optimize the communication around your asset.

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Data driven

Our vision is to ensure patients, physicians, and payers have the right evidence at the right time in the right format to make the right decisions for the benefit of patients. This ranges from probing the knowledge gained from clinical trials in conjunction with insights from real-world data to building a strategic evidence plan and mining rich data sources.

Passion and Expertise

As a people-focused CRO, we’re passionate about delivering high-quality, on time deliverables that ensure new treatments get to market with the best evidence. Our expert team brings years of experience and that ‘Veramed touch’ to the table, focusing on close collaboration and effective planning to help you through your research activities.

Comprehensive support

We provide collaborative support, built and delivered through a trusting relationship. Through this close collaboration we will help to get you through to launch and remain by your side throughout the lifecycle of your treatment.

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Have you found what you are looking for? Learn more about our other services below or get in touch.

Statistical Consultancy

We provide a comprehensive statistical service, from study design through to submission and beyond.

Data Monitoring Committees (DMC)

We provide a wide variety of DMC offerings, from one-off consultation to full end-to-end Statistical Data Analysis Centre with administrative and logistical support.

Functional Service Provider

Our bespoke FSP relationships allow us to partner with you to understand your requirements, build trust, enhance quality and develop long-term, collaborative relationships.

Study Reporting & Analysis

We offer a range of outsourced and insourced Study Reporting & Analysis services.

Biotech Due Diligence

A Veramed & Weatherden partnership, we offer data driven due diligence of your assets to help you better seek potential acquirees or partners.


Our Automation, Efficiency and Standards group helps you to assess, evaluate and implement enhancements to your clinical trial workflows.

Veramed’s quality and attention to detail has always been impressive, and married with their excellent communication and timely execution, they are the first choice vendor for me in statistics and programming.

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Veramed stand out for their obvious care and support of their employees augmented into our teams. They are strong advocates for their staff and their development needs which inspires us as sponsors to support that development as much as possible.

Client since 2012

It’s great to work with such a proactive team...we also very much appreciate how agile Veramed as a company has been to ensure that we can meet our changing priorities and last minute requests for additional support.

Client since 2017

Veramed is the number 1 CRO that we have ever worked with, the quality and communication that we have received has been excellent and we definitely want to work with Veramed on our studies moving forward.

Consultancy client since 2020

Functional Service Provider

Statistical Consultancy

Biotech Due Diligence

Data Monitoring Committees (DMC)

Study Reporting & Analysis