We’re excited to announce that we’ll be attending OCT West Coast in the San Francisco area next month. The first of many events on the roster for Veramed in 2023, we’ll be there to connect, share and take part in the discussion of clinical outsourcing.

Our very own CEO, Matt Jones, and Senior Business Development Manager, Cathy Loe, will be attending. With over 25 years of healthcare industry experience, and as a bit of an OCT conference regular, we sat down with Cathy to get her insight on the event, what she’s excited to see, industry challenges, and what other conferences you can find her at this year.

What are you excited to see and learn about at OCT West Coast this year?

I’m excited to see the return of in-person events again and I’m eager to learn more about how pharma and biotech outsourcing has evolved over the years, especially coming out of Covid-19. Today’s market is very fast paced so it’ll be great to see and understand the challenges today and on the horizon, and how we can tackle them collectively.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing biopharma companies when it comes to outsourcing? 

The industry is so large that breaking through the noise is a huge challenge, for just about any company working in this space. The big question of outsourcing is: how do you pick the right provider? How do you guarantee quality, on-time delivery and so on? Finding that assurance and balance between in-house and outsourcing has to be one of the biggest challenges.

What other OCT or similar events are on your horizon this year? 

I’ve got a busy year but I’m excited to be attending Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials in the San Francisco area, OCT Southern California in La Jolla, DIA in Boston, and PHUSE US in Orlando.

Seeing anything fun in San Francisco?

I’m in and out of the conference this year so I won’t have much time to see beautiful San Francisco! But as a bit of a foodie, I’m hoping to find a nice restaurant for dinner one night.

Attending OCT West Coast and would like to get in touch? Contact Cathy directly here or discover our contact page.

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