Veramed’s Data Monitoring Committee services: end-to-end data analysis built on trust and delivered with excellence

We have the experience and expertise required to support Data Monitoring Committees with integrity in a variety of scenarios, ranging from a full end-to-end Statistical Data Analysis Center with administrative support to DMC statisticians. Our commitment to putting people first ensures we deliver a high quality service across all phases of a DMC engagement: building trust through transparent collaboration during planning, acting with integrity in supporting the DMC, and filing with excellence at closeout.

Benefiting your business

At its core, the DMC focuses on patient safety and study integrity through purposefully designed studies with appropriate interim analyzes and adaptations. However, this process also provides incredible benefits to the business as a whole, allowing the sponsor to save time, money, and resources in the long term. Our figures and reputation speaks for themselves. Learn more about our DMC service and how it can benefit your business below.


Why choose Veramed?

Our experience and expertise, combined with our processes, planning and technologies mean we can be trusted to seamlessly and independently service a high quality DMC on your behalf that delivers on-time and with integrity. 

Our teams are flexible, supportive, and driven by diligence and integrity at every stage.  Learn more about the technical aspects of our DMC offering in the brochure below.


What is a Data Monitoring Committee?

A Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) comprises a multidisciplinary group of experts who periodically assess the accumulating safety and, where applicable, efficacy data of an ongoing clinical trial. The DMC protects the safety of participants and the scientific integrity of the study, advising the sponsor on study modification, continuation or termination. To avoid bias the DMC is external to the trial and independent of the sponsor.

Not all trials need a DMC, but where they do the DMC allows the sponsor and investigators to fulfill their responsibilities in overseeing the conduct of the trial whilst protecting the integrity of the trial and maintaining the blind.

Why use a Data Monitoring Committee?

It may not be ethical to wait until the end of the trial before assessing the efficacy and safety of the treatments under study, such that interim assessments are required to protect the safety of ongoing and future trial participants. Another example is where a study may have preplanned interim analyzes to support decisions on early stopping (either for futility or positive efficacy) or design adaptation (for example dropping a treatment in an umbrella design), requiring assessment of unblinded results whilst the study overall is blinded. To avoid the potential for bias or undue influence on subsequent trial conduct, an independent Data Monitoring Committee is used for such interim monitoring of unblinded/aggregate safety and efficacy results.

A DMC requires administrative and logistical support to set up, timely access to relevant (usually unblinded) analyzes of accumulating study data during the study, and statistical support. These should also be independent of the sponsor, and are services we can provide.

What we can provide

Our DMC experience means we’re able to provide a wide variety of DMC offerings, from one-off consultation to full end-to-end Statistical Data Analysis Center with administrative and logistical support for the DMC, or even DMC statisticians.

As a Statistical Data Analysis Center we collaborate with the sponsor on the setup of the DMC, independently support the DMC with integrity throughout the trial by providing the required analyzes securely through our independent statistician, and at closeout deliver the files and documentation required for the trial masterfile.

Our statisticians and programmers have experience supporting DMCs in this way across a range of therapeutic areas and logistical scenarios, understand the issues inherent in providing analyzes for interim decision making on incomplete and often unclean data, and are practiced in ensuring data quality and alignment of DMC and main study analyzes whilst maintaining study blind. Our independent statisticians are “hands-on”, developing the deep knowledge of the study and data necessary to oversee reporting to the DMC. Our technology, processes and robust approach to quality ensure effective delivery without compromise.

As a part of our end-to-end service, we are able to take on the burden of administrative and logistical support for the DMC. For example, we can set up and host virtual DMC meetings, make logistical arrangements for secure face to face meetings, manage secure file transfer and storage as well as manage and organize the on-going project management of the DMC process.

Where not otherwise involved in a study we can provide statisticians who are experienced in performing the role of the statistical member of the Data Monitoring Committee (voting or non-voting).

Leading the team

Our team of experts bring over 25 years of experience and are backed up by a diverse pool of dedicated, trusted Statisticians that can add real value to the DMC and the analysis of your clinical data.

Andrew Holmes

Senior Manager, Statistics & Head of DMC

Andrew has over twenty years’ biostatistical experience in academia and industry from varied roles ranging from basic research through veterinary and pre-clinical work to late phase development applications.

His expertise includes clinical biostatistics; clinical study design, reporting and logistics; imaging informatics and medical image analysis, with applications in multiple therapeutic areas including neuroscience, cardiovascular, oncology and respiratory.

He also has detailed understanding of computing infrastructures, having been involved in software development, training and support.

Formally trained in pure mathematics (BSc, University of Durham, 1990) and statistics (MSc, University of Sheffield, 1991), Andrew gained a PhD from the University of Glasgow in 1994 for research into statistical methods for functional neuroimaging. He has co-authored numerous publications, book chapters and software packages.

Dr Andrew P Holmes, Senior Manager, Statistics & Head of DMC 
  • BSc in Mathematics, MSc & PhD in Statistics.
  • 25+ years experience in clinical biostatistics in academia and industry across multiple therapeutic areas from pre-clinical to Phase IV
  • 20 years DMC experience
  • Trial design, protocol and analysis plans, data standards, programming & platforms, analysis, reporting and publications

Marie Wagg

Project Manager

Marie brings over 8 years CRO industry experience to the team. She has a great deal of experience in the coordination and management of complex and sophisticated tools, systems and processes for clinical trial projects and has nearly 10 years of logistical support/administration experience across clinical trial projects. Marie's keen understanding of the complexities that come with helping manage the operationalization of clinical trials and the need to maintain data integrity and comply with ICH guidelines, makes her an integral part of the new DMC business unit.
Marie Wagg, Project Manager
  • 8 years CRO industry experience
  • Experienced in the coordination and management of complex and sophisticated tools, systems and processes
  • APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

Critical Success Factors 


We collaborate transparently during the planning phase of a DMC to ensure absolute clarity on aspects such as charters, roles & responsibilities, specifications, data flows, file transfers, logistics and communications. Our proactive resource planning ensures our teams have the skills and time to efficiently deliver quality with continuity.

Statistical Experience

We have a team of statisticians with experience working on DMCs across a range of therapeutic areas who are familiar with the unique statistical and logistical issues of interim analyzes and DMCs.


Our teams are cognizant of the firewall they provide between sponsor and DMC during a study. We have robust, GCP compliant systems and processes in place for data analysis and transfer to ensure the protection of the study blind and therefore the scientific validity of the trial.

Speed & Agility

Our experienced teams supported by efficient processes and technologies allow us to respond quickly to DMC requests or triggers for meetings, and adapt to data challenges or study changes with agility.

Why choose us?
  • Our team of experts have the technical expertise and practical experience you can trust to support DMCs with integrity in any clinical trial across all therapeutic areas, regardless of size or scope.
  • We collaborate to ensure clarity during setup, act with integrity to support the DMC during the study, delivering excellence throughout.
  • We put people and quality first, proactively resourcing to ensure a continuous team with sufficient skills, support and time to deliver.
  • Our strong project management and GCP compliant systems ensure the strict control of the study blind and maintenance of confidentiality.

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Veramed’s quality and attention to detail has always been impressive, and married with their excellent communication and timely execution, they are the first choice vendor for me in statistics and programming.

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