What does it take to successfully bridge the gap between university studies and professional work? At Veramed, we have found that in-depth, practical training and a commitment to prioritising our people are key to the success of our Graduate Training Programme.

In October 2022, we welcomed 23 graduates (our largest cohort yet!) to our UK offices. Over three months, they developed the skills and knowledge needed to take on their roles as Statisticians and Programmers with confidence and enthusiasm. As well as receiving training on a comprehensive range of topics, they were also assigned mentors, buddies, and line managers, creating valuable relationships that were strengthened during various social activities including ice skating, a virtual village fete, a calligraphy workshop, and of course, our Christmas party! 

So what were the main takeaways for our 2022 cohort, and what’s in store for them at Veramed as fully-fledged Statisticians and Programmers? We sat down with them to find out.

How did you find the GTP? What was the most interesting thing you learned?

“I’m so happy with how the GTP was laid out; particularly that it was spread over 12 weeks as it meant I was able to absorb all the information and learn so many new skills without being rushed. I especially enjoyed learning about all the different aspects of clinical trials, including the procedures, regulations, and roles of everyone involved.”

– Suzy Collins, Statistician I, Twickenham office


“The GTP was a really good experience – I learnt lots of new things and it wasn’t daunting at all when I got started. I really enjoyed getting to grips with SAS, especially in the dummy study where I had to use proc transpose three times to manipulate the data how I needed it.”

– Darcie Thomas, Statistician I, Alderley Park office


“I really enjoyed the GTP. I loved the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of clinical trials, from their broad phases and overall structure, to the more technical details involved such as learning about SDTM and ADaM programming. It’s hard to narrow down the most interesting thing I learnt, but learning SAS from the ground up has been both interesting and incredibly useful, particularly when we were tasked with applying this new knowledge to a dummy study which replicated how data from a real study might be programmed.”

– Sean Davis, Statistician I, Alderley Park office


Now that it’s finished, what are you working on?

“Since the GTP has finished I’ve been able to get stuck in with some real project work. So far this has mostly been reading study documents and familiarising myself with the tasks I might be expected to do soon.”

– Emily Hinks, Statistician I,  Alderley Park office


Towards the end of the GTP I got to help out on a re-run of a really interesting project – that study has now been delivered so I’m back to the dummy study and training before I’m assigned some new work.

– Grace Verdon, Programmer I, Twickenham office


“I’m not currently working on a study, but I am working on two exciting internal projects. One in R and one in SAS so I am able to learn and expand my knowledge in both programming languages.”

– Jenny Fletcher, Programmer I, Twickenham office


“I’m working as a statistician in the Veramed Consultancy team which receives mostly short-term ad-hoc projects from a broad variety of clients. Having this breadth of variety makes most weeks different from the next and provides a great opportunity for me to further develop a better understanding of how much the pharmaceutical industry offers.”

– Patrik Atkinson, Statistician I, Alderley Park office


What was your favourite moment of the GTP?

One of my favourite moments of the GTP was the “Introduction to Clinical Trials” training session. I come from a non-medical stats background and only knew of clinical trials from my own research. This session started from scratch and gave me a good understanding of the industry that I will be working in.”

– Diana Voiniciuc, Statistician I, Twickenham office


Our weekly programming sessions were fun, as you are randomly assigned into a small group with other members of the GTP to solve programming problems. It was very handy, as it helps you develop bonds with people from other offices.”

– Ed Hinds, Programmer I, Swansea office


“My favourite moment of the GTP was definitely the mug exchange we organised! It continues to give a personal touch to my day, and I feel like it brought us all together.”

– Filiz Goktas, Statistician I, Twickenham office


“My favourite moments were meeting people in the first week. I (virtually) met my Line Manager, Mentor and Buddy within the first two days and these would be the people who would monitor my progress and be there for support.”

– Iolo Williams, Programmer I, Swansea office


What would you say to other young Statisticians/Programmers who are thinking of applying to Veramed’s GTP?

“The GTP is a really good opportunity to learn lots about the industry and to pick up a wide range of skills, and having a formal training programme has left me feeling well prepared to start on client work. I’ve really enjoyed working at Veramed so far, as the company has a great culture and I’ve had so much fun getting to know everyone at all the socials I’ve attended!”

– Caitlin Czuba, Programmer I, Alderley Park office


“It’s definitely something I’d recommend looking into if you’re interested in working in this industry and if Veramed’s values align to yours. The structure of the GTP means it’s a good bridge between studying at uni and working full time on projects as you’re definitely supported whilst you learn and aren’t thrown into the deep end right away.”

– Megan Harries, Programmer I, Alderley Park office


“Just apply – you won’t regret it! You’ll enjoy learning about the various aspects of clinical trials, and having the opportunity to make a real change to people’s lives. There is also such a friendly atmosphere, and you will have a great chance to make new friends and actually enjoy your time at work!”

– Sean Davis, Statistician I, Alderley Park office

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