In November 2020, we officially certified as a B Corp and set ourselves out on a journey to ensure that we use business as a force for good. We certified with 92 points on our belt, having surpassed the 80 point threshold, and excelled in our work with our customers and workers. But we didn’t rest on our laurels. 

Our 5 B Corp Hives – Governance, Workers, Customers, Environment, and Community – have been working hard on a range of initiatives and projects over the last few years. From becoming a Climate Positive business through Earthly to creating our neurodiversity group, or even teaching kids in schools about STEM in our local communities, we’ve been busy. 

Why measure our impact?

Developing an impact report is a requirement from all B Corps, and is a reflection our dedication to upholding a standard of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. However, it’s more than just a report to tick off the list. Our impact report helps us record, evaluate and improve on various projects, and tailor our B Corp strategy going forward. It helps set a benchmark for our Hives and helps lay out our plans for the future. 

The road ahead

The concept of conscious capitalism continues to rise in prominence throughout society, encouraging more companies to commit themselves to ethical business practices. In fact, adopting sustainable principles that create positive societal impacts is no longer a “nice-to-have” but an essential aspect of navigating the road ahead. 

But like many other B Corps, that’s not why we certified. B Corp is a mentality; it’s an ethos seen throughout Veramed that says we will not only want to do better by our stakeholders, but also our employees, customers, suppliers, and local community. The B Corp movement also aligns perfectly with our people-focused culture, which has remained at the heart of Veramed since its inception in 2012. The road ahead looks exciting and next year will see us re-certify, with the aim of achieving more than 100 points! 

Download the report below to learn more about our impact so far.

Download the B Corp Impact Report