In 2021, the notion of working remotely is certainly not a new concept. Technology has made it easier to communicate and collaborate, and the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies to adopt flexible working practices now more than ever. But how far can the term ‘remote’ travel? How about another country? Another time zone? 

While our office in Kharkiv, Ukraine, is busy building the next generation of talented Programmers, Mariia, based in Kyiv, Ukraine, spends her days as a Senior Statistician I, working closely with her team in the UK. For some CROs, this might sound impractical. However, we here at Veramed focus on supporting employees any way we can – from providing the latest technology to building a supportive culture and flexible working policy.

“Collaborating is actually quite simple. I’m fully supported with the latest laptop and gadgets, and I can easily get in touch with the UK and Kharkiv team for any technical issues or questions.”

An exceptionally talented Statistician, Mariia has extensive experience in both Programming and Statistics, having studied at Tara Shevchenko National University, Kyiv. While the two hour time difference can be challenging for some, Mariia has been able to make use of Veramed’s flexible working policy.

“The time difference here in Ukraine doesn’t disrupt my work. Sometimes it might see me have a later meeting in the day, especially with some US-based clients, but everyone is very understanding and I can adjust my work schedule accordingly.”

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As a Top 100 mid-size employer across the UK for 2021, our emphasis on supporting and listening to our staff isn’t just confined to UK borders. We take a company-wide approach to developing and nurturing our staff. Daniil Shliakov, Site Head and Programming Manager for our Kharkiv office, provides that extra level of support where needed.

”The Kharkiv team focuses on employee development and culture in the exact same way as the UK team. It’s like one big family. My day-to-day is primarily UK operated but having that extra level of support is fantastic.”

With new challenges and a diverse workload to keep her busy, Mariia has recently worked on COVID-19 and psoriasis studies, where she’s helped deliver some incredible work for some of Veramed’s biggest clients. 

“No working day is the same, which is something I really like. I also have a lot of freedom to provide my own opinion and views to the team. As a lead statistician I develop the methods which will be used in analysis and also support the team with any questions related to data presentation/interpretation or analysis methods."

As an employee who works over 1,300 miles away from her team, ensuring Mariia feels valued and supported is paramount. This is why collaboration is such a core value at Veramed. From regular video calls and virtual social events to Veramed’s Excellence Programme, we ensure all employees, regardless of their location, are able to collaborate effectively develop a real voice within the team.

“I love that Veramed encourages video calling, even when collaborating with clients. It adds that extra level of personalisation and allows remote workers like myself to have a stronger voice."

From HR policies to specific training modules, mental health assistance, feedback/suggestion boxes, and recorded all-staff meetings, Mariia, just like many through the pandemic, can maintain a true connection with the wider team. 

“The HR team at Veramed are amazing. George [HR Manager] is really open and approachable and there’s heaps of resources available. That open door policy is all over Veramed, and it’s clearly helped people, especially those working remotely, to communicate - even with Matt Jones [Veramed CEO]”

Over the past 18 months, Veramed, like many companies around the world, has adopted a remote working strategy. However, it has not simply been a case of appeasing a pandemic by letting people take their laptops home. Our approach to remote working is backed by employee-focused initiatives and support, ensuring workers like Mariia can seamlessly integrate and become integral members of the team.

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