We proudly became a certified B Corporation® in December 2020, joining over 3,500 companies using business as a force for good. B Corp is more than just a title – it’s about the way we work, our goals, and most importantly, how we treat the people we work with.

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Why did we certify as a B Corp™?

We’re keen to demonstrate our commitment to all of our stakeholders, not just our customers. As we strive for constant improvement, we want to make ourselves accountable to our employees, customers, society and the environment.

Business should exist for more than just numbers, and we recognize that – which is why we are keen to improve our impact on the environment and on our local communities too.

More about B Corp™ and our current score

How are we doing business differently?

Caring for our staff has been the driving factor in our success as a business. We develop happy teams with a passion for working together towards a common goal. We have found that an engaged workforce yields fantastic ideas and contributes to innovation in the clinical development process. 

Whilst other Contract Research Organisations may focus entirely on output, we have tools and resources in place to protect our team from overwork and to minimise stress. We prioritise the well-being of our staff and ensure that their work-life balance is at the forefront of our decision-making process.

What we’ve learnt

Before embarking on the B Impact Assessment we didn’t always appreciate the full extent to which our work effects the lives of patients. As we began setting up processes to measure our impact on our client’s treatment pipeline, the importance of the work we do was highlighted. We were then able to communicate this to our team. It’s really put into context the life-changing work Veramed is a part of.

Our goals as a B Corp™

A key part of being a B Corp™ is constantly working to improve what we do. This year, we are setting goals to:

  • Formalise our customer feedback processes.
  • Benchmark ourselves against industry environmental standards.
  • Work with our office landlords to improve energy efficiency in our buildings.

In conclusion, we’re excited to be part of the B Corp™ movement. We’re expectant that as we work towards continually improving our score, we’ll be changing our communities and environment for the better. To learn more about Veramed as a Certified B Corporation®, click below.

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