We’re excited to announce the arrival of our brand new podcast, Veramed Stories! Why have we made a podcast? Why would you want to listen? Well, as a transparent and people-driven organisation, we want to give you (our audience), down-to-earth, honest and meaningful conversations about a range of topics, challenges and trends we’re seeing within the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Our host, Ian Ratcliffe, Senior Statistician II at Veramed, will sit down with an employee – from directors to graduates – from Veramed every two weeks to discuss everything from leadership to company culture, innovation, mental health and more. Not many topics are off the table here, but all are tailored to those working within the industry. We’re getting real opinions from real people in the industry and best of all, we’re here to deliver it in short 20 minute episodes that you can easily subscribe to (for free). Our first 2 full episodes are already here, as seen below, with new episodes coming out every two weeks.

Click to listen to an interesting conversation with Rhys Warham, Statistician I, at Veramed as he discuss the Graduate Training Programme at Veramed, his experience, and what he thinks the next generation of talent can get out of such programmes.

You can also tune into episode 1, which discusses career journeys and transition from working at a large CRO to a medium size CRO. Understand the benefits and challenges it provides, and gain insight from Abby Fuller, a Veramedder who has first hand knowledge – see below for more. Don’t forget to stay tuned for upcoming episodes on topics such as:

  • 2022 trends in the bio-pharmaceutical space.
  • The importance of company culture
  • What it means to be a B Corp accredited organisation in the bio-pharma industry.

And of course there’s much, much more to come! So, don’t forget to tune in and stay in the loop as we explore a wide range of topics. You can subscribe for free on the Veramed Stories home page, and get a simple email notification when new episodes arrive. You can also find us on Spotify, with Google Podcasts, iTunes and more to come shortly! See below for episode 1 with Abby Fuller.