Our team in Ukraine has been hard at work as they develop, train and nurture a new generation of Programmers. The talented team of Grads in our Ukraine office are reaching beyond our expectations. In fact, the success of our new Graduate Training Programme, based in Kharkiv, has opened our eyes to the deep and expanding pool of talent in the region. We onboarded 6 new graduates in 2020 and another 7 in 2021, all of whom have proven themselves to be a real asset to our team. So why has uptake been so strong? Have Veramed been handing out flyers around local universities or did we just get lucky? 

To learn more about our success in Ukraine, we sat down with our Manager of Programming in the region, Daniil Shliakhov, to discuss why Programming, as a career, is taking off in Ukraine and why now is a fantastic opportunity for both graduates and experienced Programmers to join Veramed.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Manager of Programming at Veramed. Talking about my hobbies, I have a lovely country house where I’d like to spend time with my family and friends.

How did you get into Programming?

Around 13 years ago, when I was a student, I worked as a freelancer and did some things for various companies in Ukraine. One day, out of the blue, I got a request to make a video for a local conference in Kharkiv and when I finished, I was approached by a company. They asked me if I wanted to join and gave me a book “SAS in Examples”. They gave me 1 month to learn SAS with some exercises and I must have done okay because I joined the team, and the rest is history!

Why do you think Programming is a great career choice?

Programming as a career is challenging but incredibly rewarding. More people are interested in Programming – from SAS to Python and R Programming – especially with the rise of Real World Evidence in the Pharma-biotech space, so it’s an exciting time to join. There is a lot of potential for people to build their careers and on a basic level, Programming also pays very well – those in the Ukraine receive a very competitive salary compared to other industries.

How does it feel working for a UK-based CRO here in Ukraine?

It feels incredibly normal to me. I think especially in today’s working world where working across borders has become easier, thanks to advances in technology and the internet, we feel just as involved with the UK team as any other Varamedders working remotely. There is a nice open-door policy at Veramed, so everyone is more accessible and connected. Obviously our day-to-day work is concentrated here in Kharkiv but we keep up with regular online calls and are always involved in company wide social events and strategy.

Why did you join Veramed?

There are a lot of positive reasons, but I will share only a few very important ones. First of all, Veramed is not just a company, it is like a big family with great people who are supportive and always ready to help. Another reason is Veramed’s Values – Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence. These are not just words written on a piece of paper, they are values the company truly lives by. This is what really helps us deliver high quality work and collaborate with clients seamlessly. And finally, the work-life balance. Veramed appreciates that everyone has their own life outside of work and the team actively discourages working overtime!

What’s coming up for you and the team in Ukraine?

We have a new intake of graduates starting in November, which we’ll be recruiting for in Autumn. We expect to take onboard 8-10 new graduates. We’ve got our one-year anniversary in our Kharkiv office in October, which we plan to celebrate in style! And we also have a webinar event scheduled for later this year, around September time, which will invite industry peers and our graduates to discuss everything from the future of programming in Ukraine to career growth and industry challenges.

We’re also expanding and actively searching for more experienced Programmers to support the team and build our presence in Ukraine. It’s an exciting time to join our growing, global team so get in touch!

What advice would you give to anyone just starting their career in Programming?

One of the biggest pieces of advice I could ever give is – do not worry when you are doing something wrong. Ask questions. Do not worry or be afraid that you will disturb somebody. Asking questions, especially early in your career, will help build your skills and confidence much faster.

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