We’re excited to attend PHUSE EU Connect 2022 in Belfast next month. Located at stand 26, we’ll be hosting a series of demonstrations on Automation, Cloud SCE, and Data Visualisation. You can book a demonstration prior or during the event here. Of course, this is on top of the popular Veramed scrabble game you can play each day at our booth – prize winners announced daily!

We’re taking a team of 10 to the event this year from across the UK, Germany and even Ukraine. From 12 months to 25+ years of industry experience, we’re excited to connect, share and learn with our industry peers. Keep an eye out for 6 Veramed presentations over the course of the event spanning across topics such as company culture, data visualisation, functional programming, network meta-analysis, and automation. 

This will be the first face-to-face PHUSE EU event for Veramed since the COVID-19 pandemic, and a lot has changed across the healthcare industry since then. 

We have gone from R being 'it's coming in the future' to 'it's here and coming to a project near you'.

Katherine HutshinsonCOO of Veramed

R Programming has been on the rise for years but the industry is now starting to truly embrace a multi-lingual programming environment. This shift was caught early by the leadership team here at Veramed and has been infused into our training programmes for some time now, especially at the graduate training level. 

Other hot topics we expect to see – and share our own thoughts on – at this year’s event are Automation/SCE, Open source, and RWE. Real World Evidence has been another talking point across the healthcare industry and it’s rapidly impacting the way data is managed and interpreted. This influx of data can bring challenges, and with regulatory changes coming into play since COVID-19, it will be interesting to see how the industry as a whole can maintain efficiency and quality.

So where are these trends and challenges taking the world of programming exactly? This is where automation/technology, programming languages, and innovative data visualisation tools come into play.

There will be a greater focus on technology and use of RWE data in clinical trials.

Matt JonesCEO of Veramed

Innovation is key. The pressure to ensure on-time, accurate deliverables in such a fast-paced environment will require effective leadership, ensuring both technology and quality talent come together to improve efficiencies and improve quality. As a global CRO, we’re excited to share our innovative tools and processes at this year’s PHUSE EU event in Belfast.

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