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Choosing the right CRO for your study

How to choose the right clinical research organisation can be tricky for your clinical trial or study can be tricky. Key questions come into play: what type of support is on offer? Are they full service or a specialist CRO? How can they trusted? How can quality be ensured?

Why B Corporation® Accreditation makes a difference

As a certified B Corps™, we meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. As a result, we build trusted, collaborative relationships with our clients that exceed expectations and continuously improve on processes and innovation.

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Benefits of a specialist CRO

We’re a people-focused, specialist CRO provides assures its clients with a flexible, quality-drive service offering across mid-stream, analysis & reporting, and post-reporting & submission stages of the clinical trial process.


We’re hiring

As a people-focused Clinical Research Organisation, we believe that you are more than just the experience on your CV or the introduction you make in a cover letter. We understand that your goals, strengths, weaknesses and passions within this industry can vary and evolve, which is why we have a unique approach to hiring.

Discover the right role for YOU, not just your CV.

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Thanks so much for everyone’s hard work so far. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the team. Genuinely think this is the best experience I have had with a CRO in all my time working in the industry.

Client since 2012

Veramed quality and attention to detail has always been impressive, and married with their excellent communication and timely delays they are the first choice vendor for me in statistics and programming. Their ability to be agile and to adapt to changing timelines, scope and priorities is also hugely appreciated by all.

Client since 2017

I feel Veramed stand out for their obvious care and support of their employees augmented into our teams. They are strong advocates for their staff and their development needs which inspires us as sponsors to support that development as much as possible.

Client since 2012

Veramed adds exceptional value as a trusted partner working on our Oncology portfolio. Each team member has performed very well, with excellent support from their management team. Their support has been instrumental in achieving our organizational goals.

Client since 2012