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Marius Sieverding

Senior Statistician II, Veramed

Marius is a Senior Statistician II in the Evidence and Value Generation (EVG) group at Veramed. He has a background in statistical programming, epidemiology and biostatistics. In the past he has helped deliver health-related studies as a Lead Programmer and as a Project Manager before moving more to the field of Statistics. He is an active member of PHUSE, PSI, and ISPOR and is interested in new methods and developments related to statistical programming, HTA and using RWD for evidence generation. He has supported HTA submissions in Germany, the UK and other EU countries.

About the webinar

Marius Sieverding, Data Scientist, Veramed shares his insights on how best to collaborate in an evolving submission landscape from a Statistical and Clinical perspective. During the Q&A session, Arthur Allignol, Senior Principal Statistician, Daiichi Sankyo, a member of the PSI HTA special interest group, provides a unique perspective from the view of the sponsor.

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