This year, we launched Veramed’s Statistician Types – a transparent and honest way to show candidates just what type of Statistician they could be at Veramed. Broken down by core skills, responsibilities and more, these aren’t designed to pigeonhole candidates or Varemed employees. In fact, many Veramed Statisticians are an amalgamation of the four Statistician types that work at Veramed. Today, we’re talking about Delivery Statisticians.

Undoubtedly, the most common Statistician at Veramed is the Delivery Statistician. This type is often seen as the starting line at Veramed, providing young Statisticians with a great foundation from which to launch their careers. However, it’s not just for the juniors. Many respectable careers are forged in being a Delivery Statistician – it all comes down to what YOU want to do with your career. That’s why we sat down with the incredibly talented and ambitious Veramed Statistician, Peter Williams, to discuss his journey as a Delivery Statistician, what his day-to-day is like and why he enjoys working at Veramed.

As a Senior Statistician II at Veramed, Peter was, in many ways, destined for a career in Statistics. 

I’ve always preferred numbers to words. I got my first watch for my 5th birthday and don’t think I’ve gone a full day without wearing one since! As a child I loved Formula 1, especially the annual Christmas yearbook! But was I interested in the glamorous pictures from each race? No! I much preferred the results themselves, and even more so, the double page spread of the ‘all time’ F1 statistics on the final page. I think I was destined to have a job in a numerical discipline such as Statistics.

While Pete could have opted for a career in finance or technology, he decided to use his skills to help improve people’s lives and health, and, thanks to Veramed’s dedication to promoting talent from within, he was quickly promoted to a Senior Statistician.

I joined Veramed in March 2017 with two and a half years experience at another CRO and I was promoted to Senior Statistician in January 2018. My job title is now Senior Statistician II.

Pete’s career at Veramed has bloomed since the first day he entered our doors. From preparing and reviewing protocols, SAPs and TFL shells to working on statistical programming tables as a Delivery Statistician, Pete’s role has evolved over the years.

I actually don’t see myself purely as a Delivery Statistician these days. Over the past year I have worked as part of study teams, led study teams and also had the opportunity to spend some time supporting one of our senior consultant statisticians working with a consultancy client.

As Pete’s career grows at Veramed, so do his skills and responsibilities. As an ambitious Statistician, he has revelled in a working environment where no day is the same. 

I work across multiple clients and projects, so every day is different, but I certainly wouldn’t change that. I’m an early bird so I usually get to the office around 8am and get straight to work on important tasks. I’ll do a short ‘stand-up’ team meeting at 10am – this is also a good opportunity to grab a coffee and catch up with colleagues in the office – before addressing the key priorities I’ll have for the rest of that day.

In order to provide employees, just like Pete, with an open and supportive environment in which to thrive, we have implemented some simple, employee focused initiatives. An example can be seen in our flexible working policy, that instils our employees with a greater sense of control and support in their working lives by allowing them to dictate their work schedule.

The flexible working policy at Veramed is great for if I want to take a longer than usual lunch break to go out running (lots of great routes around the Alderley Park office), or finish a bit earlier/later than usual. Sometimes you reach a natural stopping point, but on other occasions you want to get what you’re done finished while it’s fresh in your mind. That flexibility and trust goes a long way.

On top of a modern day work-life balance, we promote growth through a fun, supportive company culture that awards achievements and focuses on team work. Our B Corp mission to be more ethically and socially engaged adds to this cause. It’s just one of the many reasons why we became a Top 100 Employer for mid-sized companies across the UK this year.

The ‘quality first’ culture is one that fits very nicely with my personal values and the way I like to work. The fact that everyone (including senior management) is approachable and happy to do what they can to help means we are a genuine, caring team. That’s why becoming a B Corp seemed so logical as well. I’m proud to work for a company that wants to address environmental and social issues head first.

So what’s in store for Peter? Well, that’s up to him. We believe in giving all Veramedders, including our Statisticians, the ability to take control of their career and create their own path. The Veramed Statistician Types provides candidates with an early understanding of where that path could lead. 

For the foreseeable future I see myself developing further in my current role which offers a variety of different tasks, sitting somewhere in between Delivery, Technical and Project Lead Statisticians. If I was pushed to choose a single path, I’d probably choose Technical. 

Whether it is a single Statistician type or mix of types that suit you and your career goals, we’re here to listen and support. However, there’s no pressure. We don’t expect all candidates to know their type straight away – that’s all part of the learning experience and open conversation you can have with us after applying. Keen to learn more? Check out our Statistician careers page, peruse our Statistician types, and get in touch today.