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Ukraine Webinars

Access webinars from Veramed’s Ukraine team on statistical programming, career development within the pharmaceutical industry, and more.

November, 2021
Veramed Ukraine: Boosting your career as a Programmer
  • In this webinar, our Kharkiv team share their career tips for Ukraine Programmers, why working for a global CRO can boost your career, the importance of company culture and training, and the future of Veramed Ukraine. Please note: this webinar is in English, Ukrainian and Russian
Talks include:
  • Programming at Veramed: insight from the ground floor, Hector Leitch, Programmer I
  • My journey with the Ukraine Graduate Training Programme, Anastasiia Konvisrova, Programmer I
  • Programming Opportunities in Ukraine, Artem Andriichenko, Prinicipal Programmer