Veramed & Weatherden in partnership: A unique collaboration between industry leaders in clinical development and biostatistics

With our unique combination of deep translational, clinical and biostatistical expertise we conduct data driven due diligence to thoroughly interrogate the scientific hypothesis. We ensure we leave no stone unturned and highlight additional opportunities for assets.

Emma TinsleyChief Executive Officer, Weatherden

External collaboration in the pharmaceutical industry presents game-changing opportunities. The ability to seek out potential acquirees or partners with the most promising assets under development can bring huge rewards, but getting it wrong can lead to severe financial and reputational implications.


What is needed?

The key to your decision making is thorough technical due diligence on the assets.

That is, a review of the entire data package and hypothesis, from target, through mechanism of action, scientific rationale, clinical relevance and the evolving risk/benefit balance in the context of the available preclinical and clinical data.

This is where we come in.


Our process

We focus on establishing the risk/benefit hypothesis and ensuring that the scientific data is robust and supports the investment. To do this, we have created a bespoke due diligence framework which adapts our work to suit the clinical stage of the asset in question.

  • Can the relationship between the target/phenotypic assay and disease be established?
  • How tractable is the target and likely to produce hits for an exposure/response relationship?
  • How does target expression vary across tissues?
  • Have the target-related and off-target safety margins been established?
  • Can an exposure/response relationship be generated in vivo to demonstrate proof-of-concept?
  • Can biomarkers of each stage of the exposure/response relationship be generated to measure this both in preclinical and early clinical?
  • Is the indication chosen appropriate and does it offer the fastest path to data efficacy?
  • Does the trial design answer the key question and give a basis to continue development if successful?
  • Does the therapeutic hypothesis work with meaningful clinical benefit?
  • Are any safety concerns sufficiently understood and able to be managed to an appropriate risk level?

Our deliverables

Headline report

Presents the key ‘takeaways’ and our recommendations.

Detailed technical report

Sets out the work undertaken, key data, analyses and results, and our recommendations.

Risk/benefit matrix

Summarizes the risk/benefit profile with suggested mitigation steps for key risks.

  • We provide a team of expert drug development clinicians and statisticians, supported by a network of international key opinion leaders.
  • We test each link in the translational chain to evaluate the overall scientific and clinical merits of the complete data package.
  • We deliver outputs which give you a complete view of the overall risk/benefit profile and set out our recommendations.
  • We ensure your stakeholders are kept engaged throughout and give them the knowledge to make the right decisions.

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Veramed’s quality and attention to detail has always been impressive, and married with their excellent communication and timely execution, they are the first choice vendor for me in statistics and programming.

Client since 2017

Veramed stand out for their obvious care and support of their employees augmented into our teams. They are strong advocates for their staff and their development needs which inspires us as sponsors to support that development as much as possible.

Client since 2012

It’s great to work with such a proactive team...we also very much appreciate how agile Veramed as a company has been to ensure that we can meet our changing priorities and last minute requests for additional support.

Client since 2017

Veramed is the number 1 CRO that we have ever worked with, the quality and communication that we have received has been excellent and we definitely want to work with Veramed on our studies moving forward.

Consultancy client since 2020

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