Veramed Stories: July

Career Journey

Episode 041 – Meet the Board: my role as a Chief People Officer

July 27, 2023

In our new mini series ‘Meet the Board’ we introduce each member of our board, discover what their day to day life is like at Veramed and find out more about their role. Himesh begins the series by talking to Tom Seymour to discuss his role as a Chief People Officer.

Tom Seymour

New Starter Perspectives

New Starter Perspectives: Alex Watson

July 13, 2023

Himesh talks to Alex Watson, Senior Programmer I, to discuss his role and how he has found his first 6 months at Veramed. Alex shares his experience with the recruitment process and how he remains connected to the Veramed culture whilst working from home.

Alex Watson

Career Journey

Episode 015 – The role of a Pharmaceutical Lead

July 27, 2022

Ian sits down with Dominika Marmol, Senior Statistician at Veramed, to discuss her journey into becoming a Pharmaceutical Lead Statistician, touching on her day-to-day work, challenges and tips!

Dominka Marmol

Career Journey, Training

Episode 014 – An alternative Graduate role

July 13, 2022

Ian sits down with Huw Wilson and Sarah Robson to discuss their recent experience within Veramed’s Graduate Training Programme and how their roles have evolved since, touching on R Programming, Veramed’s launch and commercalisation team, virtual working practices and more.

Huw Wilson