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Launch and Commercialisation Webinars

Alexander Schacht, Head of Launch and Commercialisation, Data Sciences, is hosting regular webinars each month with insights and tips on launching and commercialising remedies for market. Learn more about upcoming webinars and our flexible range of Launch and Commercialisation services here.
September, 2022
9 strategic insights you get from a great medical affairs statistician
  • Big picture thinking like compound strategy and competitive landscape
  • Making the most out of all internal and external data
  • Shaping the future by anticipating future needs while taking budget and other
    constraints into account.
July, 2022
Network meta-analysis within launch and commercialisation
  • What is network meta-analysis (NMA) and why do we need it?
  • What types of network are there?
  • What are some common misconceptions of NMAs?
  • How are they used to improve the launch & Commercialisation of remedies?
  • What do the regulators say?
June, 2022
How to set up a prospective observational study that really adds value
  • Real-time analysis of an example prospective observational study, showcasing how you can make the most out of the research – especially when working on a new product launch or new indication.
  • Common mistakes to avoid in observational studies.
  • Interesting features of observational studies and their hidden value.
March, 2022
Increasing your reputation and influence as a Statistician in the Launch and Commercialisation space
  • Build relationships with multiple key stakeholders across the business in an easy way.
  • Increase your influence by building trust with people from various areas of your organi­sation.
  • Learn to better understand the needs of medical affairs, marketing, sales, market access, and more on both a global and local level.
February, 2022
The many faces of Real World Evidence: what, how and when it’s used

This webinar aims to give an overview of RWE by answering 3 main questions:

  • What is Real World Evidence (RWE) and how does the FDA view it
  • What is Real World Data (RWD)?
  • When should I use RWE and what are its strengths and limitations?
January, 2022
What does success look like for Statisticians in the Launch & Commercialisation space?

This webinar will discuss 5 key areas individual Statisticians and statistical organisations should use as a guide for success within the launch and commercialisation space: Relationship and influence, Work products, Effectiveness, External focus, Continued improvements


December, 2021
Getting HTA submissions right in key regions: USA, UK & Germany

This webinar will discuss the requirements and key actions needed to tackle these three contrasting markets.

Whether it’s the Government driven NHS in England, the deregulated market in the US, or the complex and powerful German market, we’ll provide the necessary insight into how you can tackle payer negotiations world wide.

November, 2021
Launch and Commercialisation Strategy: when is it the right time to discuss launching my remedy?

When launching a new remedy to market, timing is everything. However, it’s not just about the launch date itself. Understanding when to start strategically planning and at what stages meaningful action is required is incredibly important.

This webinar will look at the right time to discuss and plan your remedy’s launch, addressing some common mistakes and hurdles Pharmaceutical companies often face when first starting these conversations and implementing their strategy.

October, 2021
Physicians, Payers & Patients: ensuring high-quality data driven decisions through effective communication

In this webinar, Alexander Schacht, VP of Launch and Commercialisation Data Sciences, discusses how statistical evidence flows through organisations from its origin to physicians, payers, and patients.

Discover which parts of the information flow can trigger low quality outcomes, and how to influence these areas to ensure high quality evidence is retained up to the final external customer.