Veramed has acquired Boston-based Data Management, Biostatistics and Medical Writing services company CTDS in a deal which will enhance our global presence and broaden our data management capability.

The combination of CTDS and Veramed will grow our team to over 350 trusted statisticians, programmers and data managers globally and enhance our ability to provide end-to-end biometrics support. We believe that the benefits of the combination will be felt by the customers and staff of both organizations and open the door to exciting opportunities with new partners.

Matt JonesCo-Founder and CEO of Veramed

Specialized biometrics and data management providers are proving to be an effective solution to the biotech industry’s need for flexibility, speed and agility. These providers offer specialized expertise in data collection and analysis, ensure accurate results; maintain data quality and regulatory compliance; enhance resource efficiency; expedite decision-making; and provide tailored solutions to sponsor companies. Collaborating with companies like Veramed mitigates risks, provides access to advanced tools, and boosts credibility with biotech investors, contributing to more effective research, quicker decision-making, and improved prospects for funding and success.

We were immediately impressed with CTDS’s core values and clear dedication to providing tailored solutions to their clients. We are confident this is a great fit and are looking forward to the future.

Emma JonesCo-Founder and Executive Vice President of Statistics at Veramed

About CTDS

Founded in 2005 by Terri Sampo, Clinical Trial Data Services supports small to midsize sponsor companies helping them to take the next step towards market approval for their drug or device product. CTDS’s meticulous oversight, personalized service and understanding and dedication to process is a perfect fit for Veramed’s existing reputation for quality and delivery.

We are excited to have joined the Veramed family and to bring together our teams of talented biostatistics, data management and medical writing experts to create a comprehensive and dynamic offering in the market.

Terri SampoPrincipal Consultant and Founder of CTDS

About Veramed

Veramed is a high-performing partner for statistical consultancy, data management, clinical trial reporting and automation, DMC services, and evidence and value generation. We’re a pioneering CRO redefining intelligent healthcare decision-making and paving the way for pharma and biotech clients by offering tailored biometrics solutions that scale and adapt as needs grow.