As a growing, global Clinical Research Organisation, we are excited to be able to hire incredibly talented individuals across a wide range of countries. As we continue to grow and reach beyond our UK borders, our team has become more diverse and flexible than ever before. And with the announcement of our arrival in Germany mere weeks ago, where we can now hire new talent across the country as a GmbH, this is just the beginning. 

In fact, our most recent new hire in Germany exemplifies our growing diversity and ability to be flexible at Veramed. After all, we are all about providing a healthy work-life balance and supporting our fellow Veramedders in any way we can.

Introducing, Francisco Ramirez. We sat down with Francisco to find out why he joined Veramed, how he’ll work being based in Germany, and what his role means for Veramed as a growing CRO.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a Statistician, born in Cordoba and raised in Madrid, Spain. I have always been interested in statistics, even when I was a science student at school. I like the idea of being precise when dealing with complex questions. I also knew then that I wanted to work on health, so becoming a Biostatistician was an obvious choice.

I have had a fulfilling, long career within statistics and have been a Statistician for the past fifteen years, before which I worked as an Immunologist in Spain. From there I moved to England and then eventually onto Germany for family reasons. I have been living in Germany for the past nine years and, while I do miss Spain, I am enjoying my time here in Germany with my family.

What is it like based in Germany and working with a UK team?

It’s actually incredibly easy – in the sense that I can engage and operate as a Statistician quite seamlessly with those in the UK. I have only been here a few weeks so I am still settling into my day-to-day work and tasks, but everyone has been very welcoming and supportive. I am currently working on an array of projects, focusing on osteoporosis and systemic lupus, and thanks to the team being very organised, it’s felt like quite a seamless transition – even with the one hour time difference!

What made you decide to join Veramed?

I had a series of conversations with John from the Veramed Recruitment team, who was really helpful and honest in how he portrayed Veramed. It was refreshing to not feel pressured or pushed into changing jobs – it was simply an open conversation. Changing roles in this industry is always a big move and at my level of experience the move has to be right for me both professionally and personally – especially for my family. The recruitment team were supportive and understanding of this at all times, so that was great. 

Also, the culture at Veramed has proven itself to be very empathetic, supportive and caring. This is something that a lot of companies always talk about but sometimes isn’t really the case – but it has shown to be true at Veramed! I think the healthy work-life balance that Veramed promotes also adds to this positive culture too.

How important do you think it is to provide flexible working arrangements?

As someone who has worked across Europe and has been in the industry for many years, I fully encourage flexible working arrangements. From a work-life balance perspective, flexibility is crucial for me and my family. Today’s technology also makes it easier than ever to be flexible, and the need to physically be in the office is simply not essential anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing people in person and I think it is important to bond with your team but having that flexibility helps me immensely

From what I’ve heard, Veramed is building a strong foundation here in Germany and in time, I would be happy to go into a local Veramed office! But thankfully, with Veramed’s flexible working arrangements, I can start work and join the team straight away.

How important is diversity in the workplace?

To be diverse is to be fair. Cultural diversity is an opportunity to learn other ways to relate with people and work. As a Spanish man who has worked in both England and Germany for large periods of my career, I have seen first-hand the benefits in having a diverse workplace. Working within a team of varying nationalities, genders and backgrounds means not only more interesting conversations in the workplace but also fresh, new perspectives and insight that can really add to our work. 

If you had to support one team at the Olympics, between Spain, Germany or France, which would it be?

Spain, of course. Unless it’s rugby – I’ll always support Wales or Scotland. Just not England!

Veramed is hiring across the UK, Germany, and Ukraine. Whether you’re a Statistician in Munich or a Programmer in Kharkiv, there’s something for you on our Careers page.