19 grads, 12 weeks, 3 UK offices, and 1 big question – what’s it like being a Veramed Grad?

October has arrived and that means another pool of talented UK graduates have joined the ranks of Veramed’s UK Graduate Training Programme (GTP). This year we have a record 19 new grads, working across all three of our UK offices, and the quality of talent has never been higher. With 12 weeks to learn, grow and become integral members of the team, our grads have hit the ground running with meet and greets, hands-on learning and some afterwork drinks to match!

Joining a grad programme like Veramed’s can be a daunting experience, especially when the standards are so high. However, we’re not interested in industry “hazing”. You shouldn’t need to be worked to the bone just because you’re starting your career. While we are here to push our UK grads to reach their full potential, we equally want to make them feel fully supported and ultimately enjoy themselves!

So, how have they been doing so far?

Now that they’ve got one week under their belts and the first day jitters have subsided, we sat down with a handful of our UK grads to ask how they’re feeling, what they’re excited about, and what drew them to our grad programme and the industry itself.

How has your first week at Veramed been?

Lewis Hancox, Programmer I, Swansea Office:

“It’s gone so quick but it’s been great. Everyone I’ve met so far has been so welcoming and kind, the company as a whole is so open and we are always encouraged to ask questions and advice if and when we require it.”

Gwen Perry, Statistician I, Twickenham Office:

“My first week at Veramed has been really awesome! Everybody I have encountered so far, at the Twickenham office and via video meetings have been lovely and approachable. I already feel very welcome…”  

Phoebe Ferguson, Statistician I, Alderley Park Office:

“I feel really lucky to have started the programme with so many other grads across the three UK offices, it makes the process of starting a new job in a new industry less daunting as we are all experiencing it together…”

What are you excited about for this year’s Grad Training Programme?

Jeevan Uppal, Programmer I, Twickenham office:

“I am most excited to be assigned to the dummy study in the GTP which will allow me to really apply my new SAS skills in a practical way and thus further help my programming development”

Nicole Vassalis, Statistician I, Twickenham office:

“I’m most excited to get to know my colleagues through the many social events that have been planned for us already! I’m also excited to meet my project team for the study I’ll be working on…”

Amber-Kay Schwok, Programmer I, Swansea office:

“I’m looking forward to becoming more acquainted with my colleagues and learning about the pharmaceutical industry and SAS so I can work on real projects!”

What made you want to join the Programme?

Matthew Burgess, Statistician I, Twickenham office:

“The variety of work that Veramed does and how comprehensive the training is. There was a real emphasis on continued development beyond the training programme which really appealed.”

Chantelle Cornett, Programmer I, Twickenham office:

“After attending a virtual coffee meeting with someone from the company, it was made clear that Veramed’s actions align with both their values and my own. It was clear that they put their employees and clients first.” 

Callum Charalambides, Programmer I, Swansea office:

“The energy and hospitality of the company. I first found out about Veramed and the GTP during a virtual open day at Uni, and after being bored of hearing the same thing from other companies all morning, I stumbled into a google meet with Emily Backhurst and she immediately caught my attention with her passion for the company.”

What drew you to using your skills to work in this industry?

Jack Gordon, Programmer I, Twickenham office:

“I wanted to find a job that fit my desire to problem solve and at the same time make a positive impact on the world. This industry was perfect for that.”

Moaaz Sidat, Statistician I, Alderley Park office:

“Being able to make an impact using my skills and work in the real world.”

Katie Law, Statistician I, Alderley Park office:

“I really enjoyed completing medical statistics modules at university, and I worked part-time in a community pharmacy for a few years, so I really wanted the chance to apply my statistical skills to helping patients.”

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