We’ve teamed up with Earthly to make this year’s PCMG Annual Assembly in Krakow the first ever Climate Positive pharmaceutical event. This year’s assembly, which runs from the 7th until the 9th of September in Krakow, will generate just over 35 tonnes of CO2e. However, through Earthly, an organisation that empowers companies to protect and regenerate the Earth through nature-based projects, we’ll remove just over 40 tonnes of CO2e from the planet – creating a 110% carbon offset.

However, this is more than a basic offset that uses carbon credits to pave over the crack. Instead, the projects we’re investing in centre around the UN Sustainability Goals, and will actively monitor and remove CO2e from the planet with progress tracked over time. The projects we’ve invested in span across Africa, South East Asia, and the UK:

The decision to go climate positive is part of PCMG and Veramed’s push to encourage more environmentally sustainable, transparent and ethical business practices across the pharmaceutical industry. The PCMG Annual Assembly brings together professionals from all corners of the pharmaceutical landscape, including biotech trial sponsors and a broad landscape of suppliers. The annual event will see industry professionals share experiences in best practice and explore new ideas openly and objectively – including ideas that focus on sustainability. 

How does the carbon removal work exactly?

Earthly use an independent science board containing a wide range of scientists, engineers and researchers that are able to confirm each project’s actual impact on the planet. Their nature-based projects help address the climate crisis in three main ways:

  1. Capturing and storing additional carbon from the atmosphere as well as storing existing carbon.
  2. Reducing GHGs related to land use changes.
  3. Improving the resilience of ecosystems and communities.

Sustainability in the Pharma industry

The talk of climate change within the pharmaceutical industry has increased dramatically in the past few years. Although change is occurring and many companies are making great strides, there is still a lack of direction and cohesive support across supply chains, departments and the industry as a whole. Stuart McGuire, Veramed’s Chief Business Office & Environmental Ambassador, had this to say:

“The pharmaceutical industry is taking great steps forward in addressing its carbon footprint and there are some fantastic ESG strategies out there, but collectively there’s a long road ahead in gaining the trust of workers, customers and the wider community.”

Stuart will be speaking alongside GSK and Earthly at the PCMG Assembly on Friday the 9th of Sept (930am EST) on the topic sustainability. Their presentation, titled “Do the right thing, now?” will look at how we can holistically address the issue of climate change within in the pharma industry by promoting more ethical and sustainable business practices.

Register for the PCMG event and get in touch to learn more about how we’re helping drive change across the pharmaceutical industry.