There are moments over the course of the clinical trial journey where statistical support is required, but the exact type or level may be unknown. These moments can be tricky, and with tightening timelines and costs coming into the mix, the need to take action and find the right support is vital.

In the final piece of our Statistical Consultancy Speed Dial series, we’re discussing the benefits of statistical consultancy for those moments when you’re unsure of what support you need.

As we mentioned at the outset of this series, many smaller or virtually structured companies don’t need a full-time Statistician; what they do need is to get a statistical point of view as and when they need it. 

From delivering sample size calculations, giving input for poster presentation, or streamlining a design, working with a statistical consultant brings you the peace of mind that comes with expertise at the end of the phone, as and when you need it.  And, when the time comes in your development programme that you do require operational statistical support, as well as advice from your consultant statistician, Veramed has the breadth and depth of capabilities to tailor a service to meet your project’s needs.

An example from the team:

One of our clients needed both high level strategic support for design discussions with a regulatory agency, as well as CRO oversight for an ongoing phase 2 study. We were able to provide two Statisticians to support them, both specialists in their respective area, which ensured they had the best possible support for each aspect of their study. Since the client was only charged for time each Statistician spent on the project, with a pricing model indicative of experience and skillset, this was also a very cost-effective solution. 

There can be many hurdles to overcome during the clinical trial journey. However, even during a period of uncertainty, the benefits of having a flexible, high quality statistical consultancy service – available on speed dial – are clear. And it can all start with a simple, no-fuss conversation with Veramed. 

Learn more about our extensive and highly flexible statistical consultancy services below, and get in touch today. 

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