Next week, we’ll be attending the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Our Chief Operating Officer, Katherine Hutchinson, and Bre Grignano, our Business Development Manager, will be there to learn, network, and share demos of our data visualizations.

We sat down with Bre Grignano to find out what she’s most looking forward to.

What exactly is OCT Boston all about and how many times have you been?

The Outsourcing in Clinical Trials conference is a networking-focused event, but there is also plenty of opportunity to learn more about outsourcing and clinical operations. Over two days, we’ll be hearing from industry leading speakers in interactive sessions, discussing practical tips for collaboration within clinical trials, and finding out about the very latest in industry innovation and devices. I’ve never been to OCT before, so I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to expand my network and connect with industry leaders.

What are Veramed up to at OCT Boston this year?

We are excited to represent Veramed for the first time at OCT this year, and we will be sharing our numerous biometrics services with our partners and network at the conference, as well as showcasing our data visualization and RWE in a short demo.

What are you excited for at the event this year?

Networking and being back to in-person events this year. It’s great to have in-person events and meet people in the industry face-to-face

Why might a 1:1 with you or Katherine be worth considering?

A 1:1 is helpful  to talk through a customizable solution for any biometrics need a sponsor might face, whether it is consultancy for the initial study design, or post trial marketing with RWE and data visualization, we truly can adapt our services to a personalized plan.

We are relatively unknown in the US so we are really excited to introduce you to who we are and what we are about. Veramed is a pioneering CRO that wants to do things differently. We are a B-Corp, we have a 96% retention rate, and we can do some pretty cool things with data visualization. We’d love to show you.

Excited to see anything in Boston?

Being from Philly, I am a foodie, so I want to check out some recommended eateries in south Boston and try a Lobster (Lobstuh) roll 🙂

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