Next week, our very own Stuart Malcolm, Head of Standards Efficiency and Automation, will be co-hosting a hands-on workshop at PHUSE US Connect in Orlando, Florida. Co-hosted with Caroline Phares from Domino, a close industry partner of Veramed, this will be a hands-on workshop that considers the impact of next-generation technology on established clinical trial workflows. 

The workshop is aimed at clinical trial professionals interested in a next-generation roadmap that “brings people with you”. We will be exploring practical strategies to improve efficiency, consistency, and re-usability. The workshop will examine Cloud computing, Open-Source software and R/Python from three perspectives: 

  • Technology 
  • People 
  • Process

As an interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to use these technologies first-hand in a “click-with-me” format guided by an instructor. We will explore their impact as well as the pros and cons through structured group discussions. Each topic will include a presentation, hands-on tutorial and an in-depth discussion, see below for the agenda:

  • Cloud-computing
  • Open-Source software
  • R/Python languages
  • Summary and Take-aways

What to bring to the workshop

Participants should bring a laptop to participate in tutorial sessions and take notes. No software is needed – only internet access and a web browser. A pre-conference virtual session is not essential and there is no preparation required for this workshop.

To learn more about how Veramed and Domino improve efficiency and drive automation across the clinical trial space, pop by Veramed’s booth (booth 5) at PHUSE US Connect next week! Learn more about the demonstrations, prizes and games we’ll be showcasing PHUSE US Connect here:

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