When I started in the industry, the word ‘training’ didn’t trigger any associations with work. Instead, it made me think of going to the gym or for a run.

After just a couple of months on the job, I learned why many colleagues had negative thoughts about training. Whenever this topic would come up, people would start to glaze over, look bored or even frustrated and cynical. Why is this? Well, unfortunately, for many people, training means reading pages of SOPs, guidance and other dull documents. Even worse, it might mean watching endless boring videos and answering questionnaires.

The same is true for the typical statistics training for non-Statisticians. I’ve learnt from non-Statistician colleagues how much they hated these modules during their school or university days. For them, statistics is the epitome of dry material delivered in an incomprehensible way.

In the guide attached below, I’ll share my tips, hints and learnings about delivering statistical training in these areas to better support launch and commercialisation goals. I’ll also discuss how we can overcome pitfalls to ensure that we deliver sessions that our colleagues can feel positive about.

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