Demonstrating leadership, especially during clinical trial development can be a tricky act to manoeuvre at times. With so many moving parts, teams and processes involved in the drug development lifecycle, we often see multiple stakeholders and important decisions being made at every stage. When leadership isn’t always apparent, it can boil down to who steps up for the team. As a specialist CRO working with both big pharma and fast growing biotech businesses worldwide, we’ve seen just about every circumstance out there when it comes to tackling leadership. We also believe in developing talent that can step up to the plate when needed. A great example of such leadership can be seen in a recent case study with one of our biggest pharma clients:


A top 10 pharmaceutical company recently acquired a business that specialised in both a familiar therapy area and unfamiliar indications. One of Veramed’s Senior Statisticians supported the integration of the purchased compounds, covering both those recently launched and those which were about to launch. However, the Veramed Statistician faced the challenge of little support, as the acquired company lacked an in-house Statistics team. 


Our Statistician faced the challenge head first. Through persistence and curiosity about all aspects of the new compounds and indications, we adapted swiftly and quickly understood the needs and activities required for a successful launch and commercialisation of the remedy. We were able to establish a trusted network with key decision makers and enabled better knowledge sharing between multi-functional teams. 


Through strong leadership and collaboration, our Statistician’s new colleagues quickly saw the value Veramed was able to provide. The client was impressed with the in depth knowledge our Statistician provided on previous projects that support the drug lifecycle and their understanding of the key role Statisticians play in this area. Despite being a CRO Statistician augmenting an in-house team, we were able to fill the gap of a much needed lead Statistician responsible for strategic activities, including PASS, RWE projects and the design of post-approval studies.

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