Going #BehindTheB

As a Certified B Corporation®, we prioritise constant improvement to ensure we continuously exceed the expectations, demands and needs of society and the planet.

 Being a B Corp means that we value our employees, communities, customers, and environment and have corporate governance that keeps those values in place. Throughout March, we’ll be showing you what it truly means to be a B Corp – you can follow us on LinkedInInstagram or Twitter to join the celebration! Find out more about how Veramed fits into the B Corp movement here.

We are officially a Climate Positive business! This means we remove more greenhouse gas emissions than we produce – think of it as “putting back into the grid”. To achieve this, we teamed up with Earthly, the experts dedicated to removing carbon, restoring nature and reversing climate breakdown. Learn more about why we went Climate Positive here.

Being a B Corp is more than just words. During the rigorous assessment process, we amended our governance so that, by law, we must consider not just shareholder value, but the impact on our stakeholders – employees, customers, society and the environment.

For International Womens Day, we sat down with Emma Jones, our Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Statistics, to discuss what she has learned over 15 years as a woman working in STEM. Read the blog here.

At Veramed, our policy from the start has always been to hire the best person for the job and to be flexible in order to make it work.

Emma Jones

In this episode of the Veramed Stories podcast, Ian Ratcliffe sits down with Andrew Horden, Marketing Manager at Veramed, to discuss the B Corp movement, what it means, why and how we certified, and how we’re going #BehindTheB for B Corp Month.

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As a people-focused CRO, we believe that core values are more than just branded words. Our core values of Integrity, Collaboration, and Excellence are constantly illustrated throughout our day-to-day work.